International Competitivity Programmes

European Consultancy offering professional expertise for your company's sustainable success

The following current situation might describe your organization ad your specific requirements for an external consultancy partner:

  • You would like to start an optimization programme, related to manufacturing, administration, and/or logistics.
    • Lean Management or European supply chain optimization
  • You would like to achieve a world class performing culture, continuous improvement culture (Kaizen culture).
  • Many sites have started a rather heterogeneous improvement programme; there are obvious deltas in wordings and definitions leading to more and more discussions (missing corporate standard!)
  • You would like to develop your organization towards more ownership, more competitiveness, robust problemsoving capability.
  • You are looking for a partner who can support several international subsidiaries (mainly in Europe, but also USA, Asia).
  • You know that the listening to managerial concepts will increase if operational solutions that work are presented and are trained in the native language of the participants.
  • You know, that a standardized approach for a headquarter-based initiative for n subsidiaries is most important.
  • You are looking for a service- and results-orientated partner, having solid professional expertise and is working with best practices in the defined area of application.
  • ...

 We are offering an iteresting Unique Value for International Programmes:

  1. International , standardized Lean Programmes
  2. European Supply Chain Optimization Expertise
  3. International Project Management
  4. Native speaking trainers for France, Italy, United Kingdom, Germany
  5. Specific Know-how for the Pharmaceutical, Aeronautical, Food&Beverage,… industry
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